Fort Branch springs to life the first weekend of each November* and has since 1987. Civil War battle re-enactors demonstrate life in the camps, night firing of cannons, period music and other activities— all of which are open to the public.

The battle re-enactment is on Saturday and Sunday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. with a dramatic encounter of Union and Confederate forces. Thousands of spectators gather alongside a large field and experience firsthand the yells of the soldiers, the thunder of the cannon fire and the advancing cavalry units. As many as 800 men in blue or gray uniforms clash in the field. After about an hour, a white flag is raised, the smoke begins to clear. The dead and dying are removed as the mournful notes of Taps are played. The eerie silence that follows is soon broken by cheers and applause from spectators.

On the first Saturday in December the Fort holds a candlelight tour of recreated Christmas scenes. Visitors enjoy refreshments, sharing an interest in history with the participants, and caroling around the campfire.

Event sponsors have included The Fort Branch Battlefield Commission, Inc., The 1st North Carolina Volunteers/11th North Carolina Troops, The First North Carolina Ladies' Auxiliary, The Martin County Arts Council, The N.C. Arts Council - Grassroots Grant, and The Martin County Tourism Development Authority.